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Conquest Guide

Post by Asumandra on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:34 am

Conquest is fairly simple once you grasp how it works.  The Guild Ship acts as a bonus for whichever planet we've chosen to invade. Not all of the objectives will have a multiplier, but all objectives will add to your conquest score.

Certain objectives are a constant and will appear every time.

Crafting: (Only once per Legacy)

There'll be two of these types, and all crafters can make at least one item which when combined creates the other part of the objective. In total there is 5 pieces used.

Infantry Supply Kits (Biochem)
Armored Vehicles and Starship Weapons (Armormech/Cybertech/Armstech)
Holocron of Strategy and Crystal Capacitors (Synthweaving /Artifice)

Daily Queuing for a random flashpoint/listed operation.


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